Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Last Hoorah!

Hey OAKLYN!! Those who are struggling with saying goodbye to summer....THIS Saturday the swim club is open from 2-7!!! We get to have one last hoorah!! This is an OPEN HOUSE for Oaklyn to enjoy the end of the season ( Rain sort of ripped us off with that)....and the beginning for more years to come. Out of town members with their guests are welcome too!! 

Friday, July 19, 2013


At the Oaklyn Swim Club

Thursday, July 25th, 5-8pm

Come celebrate the season with:

·      Pictures with Santa

·      Crafts and games for the kids

·      A cookie swap (contact Melissa Michaluk for details)

·      A family basket giveaway with ticket purchase (for every basket donation you will be given a free guest pass - contact Nancy MacGregor for details)

·      Pollyanna (please bring a wrapped gift marked with age and “girl” or “boy” on it, $5 max)

·      Snack stand specials (5-8only): Slice of pizza and a drink for just $2


*This event is free admission to all Oaklyn Swim Club members. Others are welcome to join in the fun for specially priced passes at $5 per person

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Membership forms

Below is the updated membership form...  you can access it here to copy and send to Oaklyn Swim Club  500 Whote Horse Pike, Oaklyn, NJ  08107

click here to print membership form

Monday, June 17, 2013

Opening Day is Thursday!!

OPENING DAy for oaklyn swim club!! Thursday at noon is the official grand opening of the Oaklyn swim club!! We will be announcing specials for the day so make sure you come out and join.... We will be having a raffle for 4 free guest passes on Thursday for all members who come to the pool and enter on thursday ( You will be asked to fill out an entry slip when you sign in)... and anyone who joins with a membership on make sure you get your name into the HAT! The winner will be pulled on Friday and contacted!! DONT MISS OPENING DAY!

Click here for membership form

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Swim Club can open!!!

With your support!

Below is the link for the membership form for the 2013 season.  Please note the new mailing address ( the borough,  500 White Horse Pike). ( I attempted to attach a PDF with little success)

We have made an incentive to pay your membership early at a reduced price.  You can mail your membership or drop it off at the Borough before each date ( postmarked if mailing)

You will note that if you volunteer you can receive money back from your membership.  There will be information coming out in the next few days regarding committees to volunteer for....I love how we are pulling together, understanding the importance of the swim club being successful!  We hope you will be a part of this coming together!!!  Thank you again for the support!

2013 membership form-  Please note I inadvertantly left out couples-  which is $240.00

click here

Projected opening date June 15th!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A light of possibility

Dear Oaklyn Swim Club Members,

Last night, April 29th, was a meeting to discuss the possible opening of the Oaklyn Swim Club this summer.  The Mayor is working on possible grants and other avenues for future years to make the pool viable again not only for the members but as a benefit for the entire town.  Our concern is this coming season and our community going elsewhere to swim.   Having the club close its doors is a great loss for all in the community, regardless whether you are a member or not.  It is also a loss for the surrounding communities that come to our town for the swim club!

With that in mind, there is a possibility that together we can make this season happen.  There is a final meeting Thursday, May 9th to determine the interest in the swim club opening,   It is crucial that you attend the meeting on May 9th if you want the swim club to open.  There is a 165 room capacity in the Court room upstairs (where the meeting will be held)…and we need Swim club members from Oaklyn and surrounding towns to come and express how important the swim club is to their family.  We need to reach capacity so if you are wondering if you, 1 person,  will make the difference coming out,  yes  it matters…please attend!!

Please come out Thursday, May 9th, 7pm in the court room (upstairs in the borough hall, 2nd floor) to discuss this coming season at the Oaklyn Swim Club!

Kathy Darrow

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Update on the 2013 Season



It is with great sorrow and despair that as President and Treasurer of the Oaklyn Swim Club we write this letter to inform you of the status of the organization.

As many of you may know, the Oaklyn Swim Club celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2012. Every past president, board member, volunteer and participating member has taken great pride in our pool. It is unfortunate at this time that we must inform you, the ACTIVE Bondholders, the pool is no longer able to operate and will not open this year.

There are currently only four (4) board members, We have been acting in all capacities for the 2011 and 2012 seasons.

The board held a meeting on January 20th, 2013.

A Board meeting was called on December 3rd and again on January 20th to which we did not have a quorum, therefore no action regarding the swim club was taken

It is with an extremely heavy heart that we recommend we close the swim club & dissolve the organization.

Over the years the income derived from dues, bonds, the snack stand and contributions has not kept up pace with the ever rising cost to maintain the pool and operate it safely. Despite all of our efforts and ideas, membership has declined, the number of volunteers has declined, and the condition of the pool as a whole has declined. The struggle lately has been to connect the income to the expenses and balance the budget to a “break even”status each year. Unfortunately, we have found that this has become impossible. Over the past 10 years we have never been able to sustain any financial cushion. Because of the age of the facility, new health regulations, and the increasing cost of running the pool and grounds, we find the situation no longer sustainable.

Our current outstanding debts are over $6,500 to water, electric & repair contractors.

In addition, taxes for 2011 and 2012, along with fees and interest, now total just over $29,800. And, the Initial cost to open the pool each year is approx $3,500. This means that, just to try to open, we would need to have $39,000 NOW and the ability to pay ongoing expenses and taxes.


This scenario has been repeating itself over and over the last 10 years. Annually, we have barely, if at all, been able to cover taxes. As we continue to reach out to the Borough, we are now two years behind and the property has gone to tax sale. Because the property has little or no value other than as a pool, no one purchased this debt. The Borough of Oaklyn assumed the tax liability on January 1st 2013. They will own the property in July of this year.


Please remember, we are a PRIVATE Corporation. The municipality does not have the ability to just “bail us out” or release us of our tax liability. We will have to dissolve the organization. The Borough will then assume the property with the hope for an opportunity in the future to operate again as a municipal pool. That decision would fall to the current Mayor and Council. We will need to pursue this together to show the importance the swim club is to Oaklyn and surrounding towns.


If we, the Bondholders, choose to hold the property for the thought of possible resale and/or value, we would have to come up with the money to pay the current tax liability and the outstanding bills. Then, we would need to cover our liability insurance as a vacant pool and list the property for sale. We must note, however, that the property currently is NON-CONFORMING and any use other than a Swim Club will most likely require many variances not to mention time


Some information that you may not know:

Each year on average we expend $45,000 – if you include Real Estate taxes the average is $52,500.

Our average Income has been $42,000


So that there may be no confusion, our by-laws state in summary, the following:

· There is a Board of Trustees – Nine (9) members in all, elected from the Certificate Holders.

· Elected from the Trustees – there are to be Five (5) Board members. They are

President, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Pools & Grounds,

Secretary & Treasurer.

· A Quorum consist of five (5) or a majority of the board.

· No dues shall be refundable in the event that pool operations are suspended for any period.

· In the event of dissolution of the club in any manner or for any cause, and in no other event, upon the effect date of dissolution of the Club, certificates shall be a lien upon the proceeds of the sale of the property of the club after the payment of it’s just debts and obligations to the extent of then value of certificates, as fixed by these bylaws, subject to set off of all debts, dues and obligations owed by the holder of the certificates. After payment of all certificates outstanding upon the effective date of the dissolution of the club, the surplus remaining shall be paid and distributed pro rata among the then memberships of the club. (In our case , now that the Borough owns the tax lien, and will own the property in July, there will be no value to distribute.)


Everyone involved, Presidents, Board Members, Volunteers and Members, over these past 50 years have done an incredible job in maintaining and operating our Family Town Pool! It is with an extremely heavy heart that we have recommended we close the Swim Club. Letting the municipality assume the property is what we believe will present the only opportunity to possibly see the Swim Club reopen as a Community Pool, owned and run by the municipality, serving the residents of Oaklyn.



Oaklyn Swim Club Board

Sharon Brandley President